Yesterday I went for a hike mainly to clear my head from the everyday stress that this world offers up on a daily basis.  Hiking through the mountains seems to bring my overall self back to a state of self control and it allows me to reconnect my mind, body and Spirit.  While walking the trails I snapped a picture (see below) and began to ask myself a question that no doubt we all ask; “What path will I take and where will that path take me”?

In all the hustle and stress we are faced with we all get to choose the path we will take, what actions or reactions will we offer when chaos strikes.  The “path” we choose will certainly define our character.  You may tell yourself that you don’t have a choice and you have to play the hand you are dealt.  Then that’s the “path” you are choosing to take.  If you don’t like your current situation, then take action and change it.

Will this cause you to step outside of your comfort zone? Possibly…and you will likely have to make some changes to your everyday routine.  Who knows these changes that may look like sacrifices but the “path” you select is ultimately up to you.  Remember the “path” you are on and the “path” you could/should be on could be the difference between the depression you are in or the happiness you could have.

Thanks for reading.


Which Path will you choose?
Which Path will you choose?